Not Fit to Ride? Watch Paradressage

In the fifteenth century, Dom Duarte I of Portugal wrote:

… some people think they cannot be good riders because of weakness, old age, or obesity, and therefore lose the will and give up learning what they need in order to attain knowledge. They are manifestly quite wrong in this, and in many other good things that they lose because of this despair, when they could acquire them if they had good hope. Those who feel this way ought to dismiss this belief. They should reflect that they feel badly because they don’t think they can acquire this art; but if it is due to weakness or age or some other thing, they could easily find others who are weaker and older but are quite good riders. Likewise with the other shortcomings: most people can recognize that, even if we have them, we can find others who have them to the same degree or greater, yet are not prevented from having considerable skill in riding. And when we see  that people  of equal or greater shortcomings acquire this art and practice it quite adequately, we should readily recognize that, if we have will and knowledge, the ability will not fail us, since people can do it who have less aptitude than ourselves. I truly think that if everyone believed this, few people would fail to become reasonably good riders for lack of physical aptitude.



About thegrailquest

Anastasija Ropa holds a doctoral degree from Bangor University (North Wales), for a study in medieval and modern Arthurian literature. She has published a number of articles on medieval and modern Arthurian literature, focusing on its historical and artistic aspects. She is currently employed as guest lecturer at the Latvian Academy of Sport Education. Anastasija’s most recent research explores medieval equestrianism in English and French literary art and literature, and she is also engaged as part-time volunteer horse-trainer. In a nutshell: Lecturer at the Latvian Academy of Sport Education Graduate of the School of English, University of Wales, Bangor. Graduate of the University of Latvia Passionate about history, particularly the Middle Ages A horse-lover and horse-owner
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