Horse History Sessions at IMC 2019

Session 517: Horses to the East

Tue, 02 July – 09.00-10.30

Jürg Gassmann, Horses in Western Asia in the Transition from Late Antiquity to ca. 1000 CE

Hylke Hettema, A Medieval Genealogy of the Arab Horse

Alexia-Foteini Stamouli, Equids in the Late Byzantine Hagiography: A Comparison with the Middle Period


Session 617: Medieval Equestrian Equipment and Practice

Tue. 02 July – 11.15-12.45

Mattia Caprioli, Eastern Roman Equestrian Military Equipment, 6th-7th Century

Amanda Peyton Seabolt, An Analysis of the Equipment and Training of a 12th and 13th Century Horse and Rider

Adeline Dumont, De l’usage du cheval de guerre au combat au début du XIIIe siècle


Session 717: Horse Breeding and Care

Tue. 02 July – 14.15-15.45

Kelly-Anne Gilbertson, ‘Medicines for Horses’: Textual Transmission of the Central Middle English Horse-Care Text

Gail Brownrigg, Horse Breeding in the New Forest: A Modern Paradigm of Medieval Practice

Samuel Gassmann, The Monastery of Einsiedeln as a centre of Swiss Horse Breeding: 1064-1798

Respondent: Jennifer Jobst


Session 817: The Horse in Law and Chronicle

Tue. 02 July – 16.30-18.00

Edgar Rops, Laws for Racing Enthusiasts: Horses in Early Irish Legal Tradition

Miriam Bibby, Alexander’s Arabian: Noble Steed or Fantastic Beast?

Pierre Chaffard-Luçon, Horses and Tournaments: Legislation during the 13th Century



Session 917: Bits, Pieces, and Other Random Items: The (Im)Materiality of Medieval Horse Equipment – A Round Table Discussion

Tue. 02 July – 19.00-20.00

Participants include John Clark (Museum of London), Timothy Dawson (Independent Scholar, Kent), Adeline Dumont (Université de Lille), John Henry Gassmann (Independent Scholar, Wexford), and Anastasija Ropa (Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Riga).



The organizers of the Horse History sessions and the Round Table are Anastasija Ropa (Department of Management & Communication Science, Latvian Academy of Sport Education), Timothy Dawson (Independent Scholar, Kent), and Gwendolyne Knight (Historiska institutionen, Stockholms Universitet)

Horse History at IMC 2019 poster

About thegrailquest

Anastasija Ropa holds a doctoral degree from Bangor University (North Wales), for a study in medieval and modern Arthurian literature. She has published a number of articles on medieval and modern Arthurian literature, focusing on its historical and artistic aspects. She is currently employed as guest lecturer at the Latvian Academy of Sport Education. Anastasija’s most recent research explores medieval equestrianism in English and French literary art and literature, and she is also engaged as part-time volunteer horse-trainer. In a nutshell: Lecturer at the Latvian Academy of Sport Education Graduate of the School of English, University of Wales, Bangor. Graduate of the University of Latvia Passionate about history, particularly the Middle Ages A horse-lover and horse-owner
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