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Illuminated Charters and Digital Humanities – A Conference Report

What is an illuminated charter? This is the question me and Edgar unfailingly heard from friends and relatives when we told them we are going to Vienna to a conference on Illuminated Charters. I must confess that I was puzzled and mystified when I first read the call for papers ‘Illuminated Charters: From the Margins of two Disciplines to the Core of Digital Humanities’. This may have been the reason I enlisted my co-author’s and husband’s help and sent a proposal to the conference organisers, on ‘The Functions of Illuminated Charters from Latvian and Lithuanian Archives in European Context’. Continue reading

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Quality of Work and Products on the Historical Market

We heard of medieval coins and eighteenth-century art manufacturers, of bribes to Vietnamese officials and corals given to Gambian cheiftains, of fourteenth-century destriers and eighteenth-century winetasters. Continue reading

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How to Write Academically – or Dream of It?

https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/15KlkJnc-uLTxRkipiLmoCakyJC6KpaYIhsFzP8oxwIo/pub?w=960&h=720 How do I write? What are my favourite writing habits? Honestly, I sometimes wonder how I manage to get any academic staff written out at all, what with my work and teaching and extra commitments… I mostly dream out exciting … Continue reading

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I absolutely need to…

It had been quite a while since I published anything here. My excuse is that I had a very hectic summer, working with horses, re-enactors, public engagement, Arthurian scholars, stock exchangers and trying to write yet another chapter of my … Continue reading

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