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I dreamt a dream… Or horsemanship for Arthurian enthusiasts

I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming… A book about horses in Arthurian romance… My own book… It is a laconic book, with many pictures reproducing miniatures in famous French and English romances, with lots of … Continue reading

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Not Fit to Ride? Watch Paradressage

… some people think they cannot be good riders because of weakness, old age, or obesity, and therefore lose the will and give up learning what they need in order to attain knowledge. They are manifestly quite wrong in this, and in many other good things that they lose because of this despair, when they could acquire them if they had good hope… – wrote Dom Duarte I of Portugal Continue reading

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Mounted Archery – from the Middle Ages to Modernity

In the Middle Ages, archery was used for military and hunting purposes. Horseback archery was a skill mostly associated with the east. Medieval miniatures in western sources do sometimes show mounted archers, but they are either representing the ‘Saracens’ or archers travelling on horseback, who would dismount for battle. Nowadays, it is a sport, but also, if not primarily, an art. Continue reading

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