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CFP: The THE MEDIEVAL HORSE Sessions at the International Medieval Congress 2018 at Leeds, 2-5 July 2018

Palfreys and rounceys, hackneys and packhorses, warhorses and coursers, not to mention the mysterious ‘dung mare’ – they were all part of everyday life in the Middle Ages. Every cleric and monk, no matter how immersed in his devotional routine … Continue reading

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Mounted Archery – from the Middle Ages to Modernity

In the Middle Ages, archery was used for military and hunting purposes. Horseback archery was a skill mostly associated with the east. Medieval miniatures in western sources do sometimes show mounted archers, but they are either representing the ‘Saracens’ or archers travelling on horseback, who would dismount for battle. Nowadays, it is a sport, but also, if not primarily, an art. Continue reading

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