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Call for Papers Session on Arthurian Horses at the International Arthurian Conference 2017

Papers are invited for sessions on Arthurian horses, exploring different aspects of the horse and human interface in medieval Arthurian literature from a wide variety linguistic and national traditions. Continue reading

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How to Write Academically – or Dream of It?

https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/15KlkJnc-uLTxRkipiLmoCakyJC6KpaYIhsFzP8oxwIo/pub?w=960&h=720 How do I write? What are my favourite writing habits? Honestly, I sometimes wonder how I manage to get any academic staff written out at all, what with my work and teaching and extra commitments… I mostly dream out exciting … Continue reading

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Oats from Paul’s High Altar: What do we know of horses in the Middle Ages?

Revisiting the Institute for Medieval and Early Modern Studies research seminar podcasts yesterday, I lit upon what seems to be a particularly outrageous boast by a Saracen tyrant, who claimed his horses would eat oats from St. Paul’s high altar … Continue reading

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Sir Percival on a Desert Island: A Foucauldian Perspective on the ‘Queste del Saint Graal’

My absolute favourite among the Grail quest romances, old and new, the thirteenth-century ‘Queste del Saint Graal’, contains a curious and slightly kinky episode. Sir Percival, moored on a desert island, fights dragons, despair and all sorts of dangers and … Continue reading

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