About me


My name is Anastasija Ropa, and I am currently post-doctoral researcher and lecturer.

I did my doctoral research at the School of English, Bangor University, UK, then went back to Latvia, where I am still affiliated to the University of Latvia, where I did my BA and MA. My doctoral research was in the Arthurian and Grail quest studies, and I analysed such issues as death, female authority and family and global history in medieval and modern versions of the Grail quest. I am now working as lecturer of English and translator at the Latvian Academy of Sports Education, and do academic research in my extra time. I also work as volunteer riding instructor and horse trainer.

I am presenting on aspects of medieval and modern literature and history, with particular interest in Arthurian Studies. This means I read a lot of romances, novels and even children’s books about King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, the Knights of the Round Table, and the Holy Grail. I try to make my research as multidisciplinary as possible, so I engage methodologies and theories from the following disciplines (to make it look grand): art history; ethnomusicology; translation studies; paleography; history of the book; sociology; anthropology; and existentialism. My current projects are:

1)  editing a book on Music and Death;

2) preparing my thesis on the Grail quest for publication (an extended overview of my thesis is available here, and the short abstract can be veiwed in the ethos database;

3) systematizing and sharing information about medieval and sixteenth-century manuscripts preserved in Latvia – there are not many, but they are worth it!; and

4) developing my post-doc project on horses in medieval society and romance.


Have a look at my academic papers and talks here




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