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Call for Papers Session on Arthurian Horses at the International Arthurian Conference 2017

Papers are invited for sessions on Arthurian horses, exploring different aspects of the horse and human interface in medieval Arthurian literature from a wide variety linguistic and national traditions. Continue reading

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Mounted Archery – from the Middle Ages to Modernity

In the Middle Ages, archery was used for military and hunting purposes. Horseback archery was a skill mostly associated with the east. Medieval miniatures in western sources do sometimes show mounted archers, but they are either representing the ‘Saracens’ or archers travelling on horseback, who would dismount for battle. Nowadays, it is a sport, but also, if not primarily, an art. Continue reading

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TOP 5 Medieval Horse Names

Seeking for a medieval horse name for your mount? Here is a pick of top 5 names for different breeds, characters and colours Continue reading

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Horse and Human Interface in the Middle Ages

Were medieval horses loved by their riders? Or were their regarded as pieces of functional machinery, discarded when they run out of order without a second thought? So many sources, both modern and medieval, refer to them as if they had been mere machines, complex but replacable. The matter-of-fact testimony of restauratio equorum, analyzed for Edwardian England by Andrew Ayton, certainly suggests as much. Likewise, knights in romances rarely stop to grieve their fallen mounts, as long as they have replacements at hand. Even Dom Duarte I in his famous The Book of Horsemanship has little to say about the personality of a medieval horses, except that it must be a ‘good horse’.
But what was a ‘good horse’ in the Middle Ages?
Continue reading

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Publication en ligne – Bulletin du Centre d’études médiévales d’Auxerre, 20/1, 2016

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Bulletin du Centre d’études médiévales d’Auxerre, 20/1, 2016. Publication en ligne accessible ici : Table des matières : Recherche active Mathieu Béghin et Francesca Rapone – La voirie médiévale du site de la Citadelle…

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